Beyond the Hype: 11 Reasons to Have Confidence in Bitcoin in 2024

by avidintent  - December 28, 2023

It's impossible to ignore the overwhelmingly positive outlook for Bitcoin in 2024. While some may lament missing out on the sub-$100 opportunities, and others claim there will be a fall to $10k soon, the current landscape suggests that there has never been a more opportune time to engage with this digital asset. The risk-reward ratio for Bitcoin is reaching unprecedented levels, with various factors aligning to make 2024 a memorable year. 

Here are the top 11 reasons why Bitcoin's future in 2024 is exceptionally optimistic:

  1. Spot Bitcoin ETFs Approval:
    The imminent approval of multiple spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC is set to inject billions of dollars into the market, making Bitcoin more accessible to institutional investors. This increased demand has traditionally led to increased asset values.
  2. The Halving in April:
    Bitcoin's upcoming fourth halving in April 2024 is poised to reduce supply pressure, historically leading to substantial price increases. Put simply, we will go from 900 coins a day to 450 coins a day produced. Less supply and more demand generally leads to a higher asset value.

  3. Fair-Value Accounting Adoption:
    FASB's decision to adopt fair-value accounting for Bitcoin enhances its appeal to companies, allowing them to showcase unrealized gains and legitimizing Bitcoin as an asset class. While this might seem small, allowing appropriate accounting for Bitcoin makes it more lucrative to show on corporate balance sheets.

  4. Record Adoption:
    Increasing numbers of addresses holding Bitcoin signal a surge in adoption, with addresses holding 1 full bitcoin reaching an all-time high. At the same time, Bitcoin's hashrate is hitting over 500 EH/s  - nearly doubling in just a year. This helps reinforce Bitcoin’s status as the most secure network ever.

  5. Low Correlation:
    Bitcoin's low correlation with traditional assets positions it as an attractive addition to diverse investment portfolios.

  6. Decreasing Exchange Balances: T
    he decline in Bitcoin balances on exchanges signifies a shift towards self-custody, indicating less speculation and more genuine use as a decentralized store of value.

  7. Support from Traditional Investment Managers:
    Key figures like Larry Fink's endorsement of Bitcoin mark a significant shift in perception, contributing to its positive narrative.

  8. Clarity on Bitcoin's Unique Position:
    Bitcoin's distinction as a commodity, unlike other crypto assets acting as securities, becomes clearer, highlighting its unique position.

  9. El Salvador's Success:
    The credit rating upgrade of El Salvador after adopting Bitcoin as legal tender showcases the success of its Bitcoin strategy.

  10. Pro-Bitcoin Leadership:
    The election of a pro-Bitcoin economist as the president of Argentina and the vocal support for Bitcoin in the U.S. presidential race elevate awareness and importance.

  11. Even DeFi:
    The Taproot upgrade opens new possibilities for smart contracts on Bitcoin's blockchain, potentially revolutionizing decentralized finance (DeFi) and other applications. While many may argue a blockchain is overkill and only a database is needed, at least having this option native in Bitcoin can produce more development and interest.

All this said, Bitcoin is still early and is considered an on-risk asset. Please consult with your favorite financial consultant to decide how many sats it makes sense for you to stack!


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