December 26


Embracing Bitcoin Freedom: Navigating the Noise And Staying In Signal

“Bitcoin mining is bad for the environment.”

“It’s a Ponzi scheme.”

“It has no value.”

“It’s just for drug dealers, terrorists and money launderers.”


As Bitcoiners, you’ve heard this noise before, and probably will hear it again. While we have phenomenal responses to this noise and know that Bitcoin is the path to abundance, peace and prosperity for all - we also don’t have to fight every time these are said.

Trust me, these sayings make my blood boil because I am a Bitcoiner. I mine BTC. I’ve written a bestselling book about it. I’ve orange pilled dozens of people. I might not be as hard core as some Bitcoiners, but I'm absolutely all in.

Every time I read or see things like the quotes above, all too often I consider it a personal quest to inform, correct and defend. While perhaps it’s a noble cause, it can also be exhausting, and may not be leading to the change I seek.

Recently, I heard a podcast from Mel Robbins that motivated me about this in a new way.

In the podcast, she talks about the idea of “Let Them.”

The Noise That Surrounds Us

It’s easy to get set off as a Bitcoiner.

After you understand the disgusting greed and lies of the fiat financial world, we can never unsee it. After meeting amazing Bitcoiners, reading their books and seeing progress in developing nations, we know the truth it brings. So, the lies hurt more.

When a politician lies about Bitcoin, improperly combines it with crypto, or even claims to create a war against it, we can run to arms. Before we know it, we’re caught in a fight that just isn’t worth it. Politicians are going to lie. We should not be surprised by this. It’s one of the few things they actually do.

Once we see what money printing does and how broken our fiat debt systems are, we want to make change. There are clearly battles to fight and changes to make, but sometimes getting caught up in the spin can take us off course and waste our precious energy.

Understanding Conformity and Our Brains

The very make-up of our human brain can see any change - even a healthy one - as a threat. We have many thousands of years of hard programming at play here. While we aren’t likely going to be a snack for a predator today, our brains treat new ideas the same way - it’s a threat.

New and different ideas are met with thousands of messages a day by our Reticular Activating System. While perceived as a threat, this idea will be barraged with messages that validate our current state. 

Overcoming this requires a great deal of calm, so one can progress past this primitive programming, past the limbic system’s emotional responses, and into the cerebral cortex. This is where we dream-up solutions, are creative, and problem solve. 

Until then, it’s just a fight that’s nearly impossible to win. And, it’s hard wired.

As humans, we also like to emulate what’s around us - another ancient survival mechanism. If what we trust around us says bad things about Bitcoin, for example, it must be true and we stay with that. It’s easier to stay with the herd, and can have the illusion of being safe.

Now, before we badmouth people here we disagree with too much, realize we Bitcoiners do this too. Not all of us have thought through every aspect of Bitcoin. We aren’t all developers, or miners, or employees at a Bitcoin-focussed company. At some point, we trust those around us that are Bitcoiners and trust they are also respectively noble in their pursuits and beliefs. 

So, done right, this modeling and belief system generation we are hard-wired with can be incredibly useful.

Let Them

While creating, investing in, and building on the best money system ever - it’s important that we aren’t sidetracked.

Yes, telling the story, helping others who seek the help and standing up for ourselves is important. 

However, some battles are a waste of time and won’t produce the result we seek. 

Remember, as Bitcoiners we want to stop the war machines. Fighting and killing for banker’s debt and just to validate a country’s strength disgusts us. It’s useless and harmful, and the source of thousands of issues.

In doing this, it’s natural that we have a strong fight instinct. We have a lot to do.

That said, be careful how we use that energy. Fighting for fighting's sake won’t “show them”. The “they” here won’t get it or won’t care.

Let them be liars.

Let them be idiots.

Let them argue for their limitations.

Keep being strong in what we do because we know it’s right. When others want to learn, help them. When new people need help understanding, bring them along. Let them too.

More Noise

In just the last year, the attacks on Bitcoin mining’s energy use have shifted to it using too much water. While this is laughable - and can trigger us to fight - it’s also telling.

There will be more misguided articles. There will be more BS that makes no sense.

Let them.

Keep doing our thing and telling our story. 

“Living well is the best revenge.” -George Herbert

What To Do Next?

As Bitcoiners, we know to keep stacking and HODLing. That’s a given, so what else can we do?

  • We can keep building, even if we aren’t core developers:
  • We can share the story with others. If they don’t get it or don’t like it - let them.
  • We can go on podcasts and listen to them.
  • We can write blog posts.
  • We can mine Bitcoin.
  • We can run a node.
  • We can write supportive messages on social media - and of course, memes!

We can celebrate what we are creating with fellow Bitcoiners.

Current and future Bitcoin sisters and brothers - thank you for what you do and who you are!



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