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Good news! You don't need to be a Bitcoin guru for this to work well for you. It's a powerful investment stream and has considerable long-term value due to the unique structure of Bitcoin. We'll help you understand, in non-tech terms, how this works and why Bitcoin is so important. We also help you understand how to securely take self-custody, so you can truly own the outcomes.

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Imagine if your great-grandparent would have been able to leave you $10M. What different life choices would you make? Now imagine you can do that for your kids, grandkids and beyond. You can be part of our clients who are creating the next $1B in generational wealth. Most of them are starting with 1% or less allocations to do this too!

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With over three decades of tech experience and a robust background in cryptography, we can go deep in the Bitcoin tech. We also have considerable Bitcoin mining experience.

But that's not what this is about!

Most of us can drive a car without knowing every detail about how it works. Or, we use social media on our smartphones, without any idea how TCP/IP and DNS work.

Until recently, the expectation was that you had to be an engineer or financial master to get Bitcoin. We want to offer an alternative here.

We do want our clients to be incredibly well informed, have the framework (and tools) to make their own choices, and enjoy their own unique success. We offer both a done-for-you model to help take you through all the steps, and also cater to your unique needs.

We want you to know about all the best resources - other experts, vendors, conferences, books, blogs and more - so you can continue their Bitcoin education in a way that's right for you.

And, we want you to get results for your family, not just be a Bitcoin guru!


Here's what our clients say about working with us

“I was finally able to jump into the Bitcoin space with confidence after speaking with Chris and learning more about it. He has the unique ability to translate tech speak into understandable concepts.”

Dr. William Wong


"I have always had an interest in Bitcoin but did not know where to begin. Avid Intent was the perfect place to start. Chris sends updates that are full of great information, easy to understand while keeping it fun and relatable."

Marci Caputo


"Investing in Bitcoin mining could have been scary and something I would have shied away from, but not with Avid Intent. The research, the subject matter expertise and professionalism gave me the confidence to invest.  The communication and education reinforced my investment (so much I invested in his second round). Thank you for making Bitcoin fun and profitable!"

Mariah K.


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