Learn How To Easily Mine Like The Pros!

You don't have to learn the hard way or be burned by a bad actor anymore!

Put simply, this is the guide that I wish I had when I started my mining journey. Because this didn't exist - in one place that was easy to follow - I wrote Hashrate.

Hashrate walks you through, step-by-step, how to be smart and successful in mining. So, instead of hunting for the right YouTube, Discord or whitepaper - you can confidently take action and enjoy your journey.

You don't have to learn the hard way or be burned by a bad actor anymore. You don't have to be a tech guru or financial wizard either. All you have to do is be open to the opportunity.

Mining is an amazing and unique opportunity, and I'm excited for you to learn more. Enjoy the book and happy hashing!

My Client's Voices

Hashrate has all the expertise I've shared (and applied) in working with dozens of private clients.

what people say

about working

with chris

 Chris has the unique ability to translate tech speak into understandable concepts.

Dr. William Wong, Hawaii

Chris is easy to understand while keeping it fun and relatable

Marci Caputo, Washington

 The research, the subject matter expertise and professionalism gave me the confidence to invest.  The communication and education reinforced my investment (so much I invested in his second round). Thank you for making crypto fun and profitable

Mariah K., Ohio



Can you invest in Bitcoin or crypto without the scams?

Every day, millions of frustrated and confused investors ask this question. So many
have been burned by the “rug pulls” of exchanges and other bad actors going
insolvent. However, even with the bad actors, headlines and noise, they still believe
there are opportunities. They want to take part in cryptocurrency investing.

These investors know that deep down, there must be a pattern to succeed with
Bitcoin and crypto investments. There must be some set of secrets the pros use,
right? If only they had a playbook that removed all the tech and financial jargon,
they could get there too.

Hashrate is that playbook!

In this book, tech expert Chris Reavis presents practical steps for everyday investors
to move beyond the challenges that can overwhelm them. He breaks down all the
components in Bitcoin and crypto mining, and helps readers understand how to
make expert and informed decisions. Once readers understand how these
environments work, they can start using these proven approaches.

Reavis demonstrates firsthand how applying these tools can dramatically transform
a mediocre mining investment to a successful and profitable one. He gets readers,
just like his clients, past the obstacles that often hold them back. And yes, he also
shares many of the “bear traps” so you won’t have to experience them.
This book will encourage you, challenge you, and show you how to successfully
create generational wealth. You will come away inspired, informed and empowered
– and you might even have fun doing it!!

what's in the book?

  • Real World Expertise -  learn what profitable and sustainable Bitcoin mining really looks like - and the many small things that will help you operate like a pro! And no, you don't need to be a tech or financial expert to do this.
  • Comprehensive - learn how to best select hardware vendors, hosting vendors, pools and hardware wallets... and learn a proven method to pick the best combinations for you!
  • Practical - Hashrate walks you through the best practices, and exposes the many traps, so you can avoid the $$$ issues that others sadly have experienced.

what you can do with what your learn:

  • Operate like the pros. Ths is the book I wish I had years ago with pro tips that have made my Bitcoin journey more profitable and more fun. Everything is in one place, so you can easily get going. 
  • Save months of time. You can really do two things: (1) Learn this on your own through your own experiences, watching countless YouTube videos, going to dozens of meet-ups and reading hundreds of posts or (2) you can save months of time by reading and applying what's in Hashrate in a few days.
  • Avoid very costly pitfalls. There are lots of bad actors that sometimes can look legitimate. Learn how to quickly tell the difference and not get "rug pulled"!

Get Your Copy of Hashrate Now!

Hi, I'm Chris. It's great to see you!

Thanks so much for checking-out Hashrate!

There can be a lot of noise in this space and some bad actors to avoid. However, when you get past that, the opportunities in mining are amazing. And yes, there is still space for the "small time" miner.

I wrote Hashrate to help everyday people get to this key knowledge, in an easy way. And, if they are ready to act, there are practical steps Hashrate to start right away. In the book, I share the very same things I do with my own fleets and my private clients.

To be clear, mining is not a get rich quick scheme. There is risk involved and there no guarantees of positive outcomes. Anyone that tells you otherwise you should be VERY wary of. However, done smart, there is a proven algorithm that has created success for many.

Please also understand, while this content is thorough and honest, it is not financial advice. Please seek your favorite expert and do your own due diligence - as you should on any investment opportunity.

That said, the potential and upside continues to be exciting to me personally and I hope Hashrate serves you well on your journey!

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