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How Crypto Investing Can Be Like Having Your Toes On the Tiller

Sometime in the 80s, as a young boy, I was on a sailing trip with my family. 

We were doing a normal “come about” (sailboats tack back and forth to catch the wind), as we did many times a day. 

Everything seemed fine.

However, for whatever reason, the boat wasn’t responding. 

We were getting closer to the waves crashing into rocks on a small island. 

My Mom, who couldn’t swim, gripped on tight to something. Her face went white and she couldn’t talk.

My Dad, myself, and our awesome Captain Roger, lept to action.

Time stopped for a moment when we then heard a snap and the wheel went loose. 

Steering was gone.

We could feel the spray of the whitewash and the waves. We were seconds away from hitting the rocks and running aground. 

Roger quickly told my Dad and I a few things to do, and this normally relaxed Captain moved like lightning. Somehow he got from the bow to the stern of the boat instantly.

In the rear cabin, there’s an emergency tiller to use. It’s underneath several layers and so low in the boat that you have to use your toes if you are to see where you are going.

At the same time, in a few seconds, my Dad had the sails down. In concert, following Captain Roger’s directions, I had the engine on, and Roger had the boat turned away from danger – with his toes on the tiller.

My Mom’s color came back, but we were all concerned.

“Hey Roger, should I call this in?” I asked, as I grabbed the emergency radio.

“No, it’s okay,” he calmly replied.

With his toes on the tiller, he calmly shared a few more action items, which my Dad and I handled.

In about an hour, we were back at the crowded docking area we started from.

Calmly, Captain Roger gave me orders for the motor as we docked. Those controls were in the main cockpit and he was still using his toes on the tiller.

As if nothing had happened, he docked it perfectly and we threw our lines over to tie up.

Nobody at the dock could tell anything was wrong – that’s how smooth Captain Roger was.

Not only did his calm actions and experience likely save our boat, it very likely saved us from harm – especially with my Mom who could not swim.

Roger didn’t get angry, freak out, or anything of the sort.

He acted instantly, improvised, and directed others.

He did it so well that nobody else knew anything was wrong with the boat.

. . . 

While I always admired Captain Roger – for that day and what a great guy he was in general – it took me years to get the life lesson here.

And, many times I’ve had that metaphor in life – unexpectedly I’ve been headed for the rocks. The steering snapped.  I could feel the spray. It was that close. Someone dear to me may have been in danger too, which made it that much harder.

I’m not proud to say that most times, I haven’t been as calm and cool as Roger. I freaked out, and sometimes crashed, and other times barely made it. 

However, later in life, I realized I could be like Captain Roger for others.

His superpower was clearly sailing, and he could use this to help others be safe and enjoy their time.

While it’s a different world, and maybe a huge stretch here – I’m told some of my superpowers are making complex concepts easier for others to understand, and implementing complex tech quickly, on time and on budget.

Recently, I realized I wanted to be more of service to other people (and not just companies), and it’s why I started the crypto investing groups – especially with crypto mining.

As I write this, I realize the analogy here is pretty solid.

Like sailing, crypto has ebbs and flows, you do tack back and forth to make the best opportunities. And, there are times that it can feel like you are about to crash. Because of the investment size, you may well be in harm’s way if you aren’t careful.

With the right guide and setup, crypto investing can be a lot of fun, and produce amazing outcomes. 

In addition to keeping my clients away from these precarious situations to begin with, I also want to help by being their “toes on the tiller”. So, when those issues come up, they are effortlessly resolved, they are safe, and they can enjoy the journey.

Yes, in the best way I know how, I humbly seek to be the “Captain Roger” for my client’s crypto investments, if I have the opportunity to serve them.

So, as we say just before tacking, while sailing…

Ready about? 




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