Learn To Easily Mine Bitcoin
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...even if you aren't a tech expert or financial wizard!

Watch this short video to quickly understand our Miner Share program and how it works.

What Makes Miner Share Special?

Our done-for-you solution is affordable and easy.

All Details Handled

We take care of sourcing, setting up, hosting, pool setup, everything! All you do is enjoy your investment!

Simple Package Price

Our price includes everything - the ASIC, shipping, setup, electricity and hosting - yes, everything!

Full Transparency

You will have full view to your miner 24/7/365 in the pool links we provide for you.

Constant Monitoring

Our team is constantly monitoring your ASIC, and is alerted if there are any issues.

Optimized Pool Choices

We look at the top 10 pools constantly and setup our clients in the most profitable environments.

Exclusive Client Emails

We share special weekly content with our clients - and it's not available anywhere else!

Choose Your Miner Share

Get Going With Our Exclusive, Done For You, Model In Just a Few Clicks...
Just pick our 24 month (most popular) or 18 month program below.

18 Month Package

  • 50% of All Outputs Of A High-End Bitcoin Miner (S19J Pro or Similar)
  • Full View Into Your Pool
  • Deposits Directly To Your Wallet
  • All Energy and Hosting Prices Included for 18 Months

Please note: Miner Share prices change weekly and vary due to market prices of Bitcoin hardware.

24 Months - most popular

  • Enjoy 50% of the outputs of a high-end BTC ASIC (S19J Pro or similar)
  • All energy and hosting fees included for 24 months
  • See your miner 24/7/365 online, including all of the pool info, live!
  • Direct deposit from the pool to your wallet address

Dr. William Wong


“I was finally able to jump into the Bitcoin space with confidence after speaking with Chris and learning more about it. He has the unique ability to translate tech speak into understandable concepts.”


Where are you based?

Avid Intent is an LLC from Oregon (USA). You can look us up on Oregon's Secretary of State webpage. We have A ratings from Dunns and Bradstreet and other reviewers.

Is this cloud mining?

No. We dedicate only two people to a physical miner, not a cloud of them. We can provide serial numbers upon request. We do provide full pool view (all outputs) and setup distribution directly to your wallet address, not some website.

How do I know this is legit?

As with all investments, we recommend that you do your diligence. We are happy to those who are serious to existing customers if they like. We're also happy to chat over the phone or a Zoom call. Just email chris@avidintent.com if that's of interest.

Is this a get rich quick scheme?

No. If that is what you are looking for, this is likely not the right site for you. While there's incredibly upside and opportunity in Bitcoin mining, we recommend a 4-10 year perspective for your investment.

Where does the mining output go?

All outputs of the miners go directly to customer Bitcoin addresses. We recommend hardware wallets for this. You can see everything in the links to the pool that we share.

Can I buy more than one share?

Yes. About 30% of our clients invest 2-3 times with us and we are happy to set you up if that's of interest.

What if I want a whole fleet of miners?

We offer a private client setup for those interested in 5-25 ASICs. Just email chris@avidintent.com to find out more.

Is this a sure thing?

No. While we believe BTC is a great investment, you should treat it like any high risk investment. Please do not consider this financial advice.

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