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Hey there, I'm Chris. It's great to see you!

If you are a podcast host or producer, I'd be honored to serve you and your community.

My expertise is making complex topics easy to understand by a variety of audiences - in this case, demystifying Bitcoin investing. To date, I have helped over 80 investors on their journeys to create generational wealth with Bitcoin. None of them were tech experts, financial gurus, or economists. All of them learned a ton and enjoy a positive return.

Please find a number of popular, relevant topics below that your listeners may appreciate. And yes, of course, we can create something unique to your podcast!

Please take a look below and reach-out if it looks like I can serve your audience. I look forward to our conversations!

Popular Podcast Topics


Generational Treasure Hunt: Uncovering Financial Wisdom with High-Net Worth Grandparents

This talk delves into the holistic approach of nurturing financial wisdom and family values, covering financial parenting strategies for raising money-savvy kids, family legacy planning to pass on wealth and values, and the benefits of a family wealth office. It also explores how high-net worth grandparents can empower future generations by supporting their education, instilling resilience and adaptability, and engaging in mentorship and wisdom exchange. Furthermore, it discusses the concept of creating a multi-generational vision, where high-net worth grandparents play a key role in shaping the family's future together. This podcast emphasizes the intersection of financial education, values, and generational wealth.

What My Autistic Son Knows About Bitcoin

Join us for an eye-opening journey into the world of Bitcoin through the unique perspective of a parent with an autistic child. This podcast explores how my son, who is on the autism spectrum, grasps the complexities of Bitcoin, offering remarkable insights and challenging conventional wisdom. Through personal stories and expert insights, discover the transformative potential of Bitcoin and gain a deeper appreciation for the power of knowledge and the boundless potential of the human spirit.


Unlocking Financial Opportunities Beyond Stocks and Traditional Retirement

This talk covers the potential of Bitcoin as an investment avenue and the need to diversify beyond stocks, exploring alternative investments like real estate, precious metals, and peer-to-peer lending. It also touches on crafting non-traditional retirement plans and discusses the role of Bitcoin in generational wealth and inheritance planning.

Bitcoin For The Next 50 Years

This talk explains the significance of Bitcoin in investment portfolios, providing insights into its risks, rewards, and strategies for market entry. It also explores the role of Bitcoin in building and passing down wealth to future generations, highlighting its importance in inheritance planning in the digital age. This podcast dives into the evolving landscape of wealth transfer and the statistics and trends supporting Bitcoin's inclusion in investment portfolios.


Bitcoin for All Ages: How to Navigate and Secure Your Digital Wealth

This topic covers demystifying Bitcoin mining for newcomers, explains the benefits of using Bitcoin for retirement savings, offers essential tips for self-custody security, and guides older generations through the basics of Bitcoin, enhancing financial literacy for everyone.

Maximizing Bitcoin Potential: Investing, Security, and Myths Debunked

This topic focuses on improving financial IQ with Bitcoin, mastering self-custody for both HOLDers and traders, and breaking down common misconceptions about Bitcoin, all while sharing real success stories and strategies for financial freedom through Bitcoin.

The Grandparent's Guide to Bitcoin: Wealth Preservation, Security, and Passing the Torch

This topic is specifically designed for high-net worth grandparents, discussing strategies for ensuring a secure future for their grandchildren, wealth preservation, and secure management of Bitcoin assets, alongside tackling myths and misconceptions about the digital currency.



How Kicking a Starbucks Habit Can Make You a Millionaire Faster Than You Expect

Learn how a few easy modifications, changing coffee out and eating out, could create $1M in 10 years or less.

What Are The Top Mutual Funds Not A Great Way To Diversify Anymore?

Explore the limitations of mutual funds and discuss how Bitcoin, with its unique qualities, emerges as a shining star in the realm of true diversification. Discover why many investors are turning away from traditional stock-based mutual funds and opting for Bitcoin to safeguard their financial future. We'll share insights from passionate Bitcoin advocates and experts who shed light on the unmatched potential of this digital asset. If you're ready to rethink your investment strategy and explore an alternative path to diversification, this podcast is your gateway to a brighter, Bitcoin-powered future.


Practical Ideas To Leave Wealth Without Your Grandkids Blowing It

This topic explores strategies for creating a legacy of wealth, including estate planning, trusts, gifting, and instilling financial literacy in future generations. It also provides advice on how high-net worth grandparents can support their grandchildren financially while instilling financial responsibility. The podcast delves into practical ideas and structures to help future generations enjoy the legacy without adverse effects.

Bitcoin: The Sizzle in Modern Wealth Inheritance

This topic examines the changing landscape of wealth transfer, including how Bitcoin is reshaping inheritance planning in the digital era. It also explores why traditional strategies may not work in the coming years and offers insights into the future of financial planning in a rapidly evolving world.


The Environmental Impact of Bitcoin Mining: Separating Fact from Fiction

Discuss the environmental concerns surrounding Bitcoin mining and present a balanced perspective on its sustainability. Explore how eco-friendly Bitcoin mining practices can align with the growing environmental consciousness.


Generational Wealth and Legacy: High-Net Worth Grandparents Nurturing Family Values, Philanthropy, and Adapting to Change

This topic explores the multifaceted role of high-net worth grandparents in safeguarding family wealth, fostering philanthropic endeavors, bridging generational gaps in wealth planning, imparting financial literacy to grandchildren, and adapting to societal and technological changes while leaving a lasting impact through legacy letters and ethical wills.

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“I was finally able to jump into the Bitcoin space with confidence after speaking with Chris and learning more about it. He has the unique ability to translate tech speak into understandable concepts.”

Dr. William Wong

"I have always had an interest in Bitcoin but did not know where to begin. Avid Intent was the perfect place to start. Chris sends updates that are full of great information, easy to understand while keeping it fun and relatable."

Marci Caputo
Washington State

"This program has been so helpful in explaining not only HOW to use Bitcoin to create generational wealth for my family, but also WHY it is such a valuable way to do so. Also, this topic has the potential to be really boring, but you guys made it fun and interesting! Thanks again!"

Melissa Bell