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5 Short Videos To Help Best Inform Your Decision


Bitcoin Mining 101

In this short video, you'll learn answers to these questions:

- What is Bitcoin mining and how does it work?
- Is anyone really using Bitcoin?
- Doesn't Bitcoin mining fry the environment?



Why Now? And What Is Bitcoin Worth?

What's so special about the timing of this round and how does that help investors?

What is the Bitcoin halving and why should you care?

And, what is Bitcoin really worth now, and long term?

Get answers to these top questions in this short video.


What's Different?

So just what makes Avid Intent different? There are a lot of scammers and bad actors in the world, so what specific actions does Avid Intent take to support its clients?

Learn the answer to that and some specific case studies to help you know what it's like to be our client, and how we operate.

8 barriers to entry
...and 7 ways to overcome them

Why Doesn't Everyone Do This?

If this is so lucrative, why isn't everyone doing it?

That's an exceptional question! We'd like to answer that by describing the 8 major barriers to entry... and the 7 ways we overcome them with our approach.


returns and taxes

What Should You Expect?

Every investor wants to know their expected return, and how that is made up. In this video, we go through this in detail and give you a scenario that we are targeting.

We also have a short Prospectus on this round that you might like to review.


Let's Get You Going!

We hope these videos help inform you on this round, Bitcoin mining in general, and what you can expect working with us.

If this is a fit for you, we'd love to welcome you as a new client. We do have limited spots available in this round.

So, just click below to make that happen and join us!