November 15


What the FTX? What the bleep happened… and 4 easy steps to take now.

This short video will walk you through what happened with FTX.

These types of videos are normally reserved for just my investors, but I wanted to get the word out to a larger audience this time. I'll also walk you through four easy steps you can take now.

Some links referenced from the video are below:

Hardware Wallet - 

The hardware wallet that I current use is a Ledger Nano X. I have no connection to them, and this is just a link to their product info: 

Buying Bitcoin - 

Swan Bitcoin is who I stack sats (make regular Bitcoin investments) with. I'm very impressed with their team and integrity. This link gives you a free book and we each get $10 in BTC in our accounts. You can use this or just go to Swan Bitcoin directly.

Mining Bitcoin - 

Avid Intent helps everday investors safely get involved with Bitcoin - even if they aren't a tech guru or financial wizard. Our miner share program allows investors to purchase the outputs of 50% or 100% of a miner, for a 12 or 24 month term. You can find out more here: 

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Thank you!

Reminder: This is educational and informational content only. This is not financial or tax advice. Please see you favorite professional for that.


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